Do I really need to produce a video?

Well, from our perspective…YES! Video is a great way to engage your audience, cut through the clutter and communicate your message.

Why should I choose Bluwave?

We stress high quality video production at an affordable cost. And will never produce low quality work. We have all the talent, all the expertise and all the services in one place to produce your professional quality video. And we understand that most of our clients have a fairly rigid budget and our production packages are designed to work within that budget.

If I have a commercial already can you just make some changes?

Yes, the ease of which this will happen is based largely on the format of your video. We can work with most video formats. However, some formats are in such a low quality that we will not use them. Or, the videos are saved in a format specific to a private company. When this happens the company will require a fee to convert the video into a format that is industry standard.

What kind of equipment do you have? Software?

Our technology is top-of-the-line. Take a look at our portfolio. We have different types of industry standard professional cameras, including High Definition(HD) cameras. For editing we only use Final Cut Pro and Avid. Both software programs are industry standard.

Are Bluwave’s Producers experienced?

Yes, our producers are immersed in the video production culture. Their backgrounds range from commercial video production to film production and everything in between.

Why does High-Quality matter?

We run into clients from time to time that aren’t worried about the quality of a production. They just want “a video”. We like to remind our clients that without a high-quality video production they will lose brand credibility. And even though our prices are significantly lower than our competition we don’t sacrifice quality.

Can you help me understand the industry jargon?

We will put it all in plain English and define the industy-speak. Check out our online glossary of relevant terms.

Can I put Video in my website?

Not only can we put a video in your website we can develop many different applications for your site to better engage your client. There is very little that cannot be done. Bluwave Web Development can develop the perfect site for you.